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AsiaPalm Technology Company is a comprehensive enterprise combined with R&D, production and sales. It is founded with a vision to create a world-class company serving the plastic industry with high quality products and superior service to the customers. We have our own R&D and production base with the advanced production equipment & technology and focus on the production of plastic additives.

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AsiaPalm is producing and selling several high-quality single stabilisers, our customers can use it either to adjust rheology, stability and colour or to create their own stabilisers combinations. It is also an essential additive in stabiliser onepacks. Metallic soaps are compounds of long-chain fatty acids in general, they are also a type of salts. In the most cases these additives are binding the Hydrochloric acid(HCl) to itself. Main representatives of metallic soaps are Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium soaps of Stearic.

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While additives in applications from flooring to pharmaceuticals may not be visible to end users, but they are essential drivers influencing important properties in materials and products. Stabilizers enhance the durability and longevity of weather and impact resistant plastics and composite materials. Additives controlling product properties in a variety of non-polymer application are hydrophobic agents for the construction industry and thickeners for lubricants

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AsiaPalm Invest in Future

We strengthen our global presence to attract today and future talents as well as to enables us to build long lasting trusted direct customer relationships around the globe. A team orientated global organisation which encourages local presence is and will be key in the future. AsiaPalm will proactively invest into the market and thereby assist in shaping the future of the industries we are active in. Our wide rage of innovative additives meet the highest requirements with regard to efficiency, sustainability and quality of the end product.